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Visal Robotics

Miami, Florida: VISAL Robotics, the hospitality robot superstore, was selected by University of Florida (UF) as the Official Autonomous Cleaning Robot Supplier for the next 4 years, covering all departments including the Campus, Hospital, Stadiums, and other facilities. The University of Florida is one of the Top 5 Universities as ranked by US News and World Report 2022, has over 60,000 students, plus research programs in 67 counties in Florida. VISAL Robotics a “Created in Miami” company is based in Miami, Florida and has the widest selection of world-class Service Robots, solving many  applications in the restaurant, hotel, university/college, public facilities and luxury buildings market segments.

“We are very excited to provide any and all future cleaning service robots UF may require assisting with cleaning and maintenance tasks and jobs” said Dan Murphy, EVP of VISAL Robotics “Our robots can scrub, mop, vacuum, and also sterilize the area using our disinfection spray attachments, on a pre-programmed schedule, autonomously”.

VISAL Robotics wide assortment of service robots includes the world-class Pudu CC1, which was approved for purchase by all UF departments with this award. The Pudu CC1 is a world class, award winning, autonomous cleaning robot with multiple cleaning modes, and is already deployed in supermarkets, airports, schools, and other facilities around the world.

VISAL Robotics Service Robots can be deployed for cleaning applications plus other applications such as Restaurant Food Running, Bussing, Hotel and Luxury Building Room Service for DoorDash/Uber deliveries, Secured Delivery programs in Hospitals and Office buildings, as an example of other robot applications. More information is available by visiting VISAL Robotics website at .


Notice: This announcement is for VISAL associations and affiliations and not intended for public release.

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